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December 19, 2010
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Anime VLC Skin by jojosjuaninhas Anime VLC Skin by jojosjuaninhas
**The instructions about how to install are in the ReadMe file within it.**

This is a VLC Skin that I edited only. The original is at the Official VLC site, wich is: [link]

I still have lots to learn bout XML, etc some codes necessary for this, I hope it dont take too long to get to do one totally of my own the way I really like it. I like this one design tho.

Its here for you all, enjoy.
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It's really nice. And it really would need:

Scaling if you change the window size. Also a 2 screen support is missing.
And if you start a movie it could be over the screen resolution. To keep the video as small as the skin go under Interface,Settings-> Videos and "how much bigger you the Video want"(german "Video vergrößern") and change it to -5.
It should pop up over the screen for a second and change back to normal size.

Would be great if it resizes itself like a normal window under win7 if you took it on the side if the screen.
And the player goes under the taskbar. Would also be great if it jumps back in a moveable position otherwise you may have to move the taskbar to grab the player.

But all in one. It's very cool and there are too many anime skins for vlc.
Failure. 5 line 

Would be great if it resizes itself like a normal window in win7 if you take it to the side or top of the screen.

Well my english is bad^^ but I think everyone knows what I mean.
Fabrizio1989 Apr 3, 2011
oro !!!
Fabrizio1989 Apr 29, 2011
Nani? wait what? XD
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